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Earth, Flame and Fire

Fin'amor fragrance

One of our ideals is that we should strive to live our lives as fully as possible. It was with this in mind that our founder Juan conceived the Fin’Amor fragrance.

Fin’Amor was created in Tasmania, home to Juan and his family for over 15 years, where only the very best natural ingredients were available . Floral and citrus notes were added to those of leather, wood and bergamot resulting in a superlative unisex fragrance, redolent of the sense of happiness and wellbeing that pervades our goods.

His quest was to create a luxury fragrance that would encapsulate the memories and scents of long childhood summers spent in harmony with nature; riding, playing polo and sitting cosily by the fire oudoors close to nature.

The name Fin’Amor was inspired by the medieval concept of chivalric love, a noble love of complete devotion and secret desire. A romantic name, wholly in keeping with all that our products stand for.

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